Apriltsi, Bulgaria


The town of Apriltsi is situated in Northern Bulgaria, close to the town of Troyan. The town is the administrative center of municipality of Apriltsi and is a popular mountain resort. A map of Apriltsi can be found here.

Tourism opportunities in Apriltsi

In Apriltsi you can find modern new hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and cafes, disco clubs and swimming pools. If you are fond of different kinds of extreme tourism, here you will find the perfect conditions for alpinism, fishing, winter sports and anything that would bring you pleasure.


In our town you will have the chance to walk through several eco paths, to ride a horse or to ride a bike in the mountain.

Apriltsi offers five picturesque eco paths. They will reveal in front of you the famous waterfall Vidimsko praskalo, chalet "Pleven", "Botev" summit and lots of others surprises.


If you prefer going out riding a horse, you can take advantage of horse riding lessons in the horse base "Riding Base Balkan", Apriltsi. The base has the necessary equipment for western riding and certified instructors, who have specialized western riding abroad.


Part of the routes in the surroundings of Apriltsi are suitable mountain bike riding. The various lay allows for bike riding practice. A walk in the mountain will reveal in front of you unique sights and unexpected touch with nature.

The sights of Apriltsi

Church St. George

One of the symbols of Apriltsi is the temple "St. George", built in memory of the victims, who died in Apriltsi's rebellion. The building is impressive with its massive construction, masterly painted wall-painting and big stone crosses on the top. In the evenings, the temple looks impressive, lit up by multiple lamps.

St. Troica monastery

The convent "St. Troica" is situated near Apriltsi. It is closely connected with the Apriltsi rebellion. Clothes for the rebellions were sewed there and during the fights food was cooked and bread was baked. The apostle of liberty had often visited the monastery and involved some of the nuns in his great deed. After the rebellion defeat, the monastery was demolished and the nuns were killed. If you visit the monastery today, will see the ossuary in the yard with continuously burning float-light above it.

reserve Staro Stefanovo

Three kilometers away from Apriltsi you will find the architecture reserve "Staro Stefanovo", where the authentic appearance of XIX century buildings is compulsory for all new house owners. More than 100 monuments of culture dating from the beginning and the middle of XIX century, are preserved there. Among them are the main church, the 1300 - year old oak tree and the bridge that dates from year 1824.

Apriltsi – a great place for your holiday - we are expecting you!